When was the last time you read a great book? Books with special meaning are what we’re all about. Our children’s books and young adult romances are available in paperback, Kindle format, and/or audio format. Sit back and relax and feel free to check out my Web site.

My name is Rich and I am an author of children’s books and am  presently writing more of them and also young adult romance novels which I hope to share with you soon. Please, feel free to check out my Web  site and pick up a great book or two as you will never find books anywhere else like them. They were either illustrated by my autistic  brother, Kevin, or by my sis, Suzanne. Also, two were translated into  Mandarin Chinese by by brother, Steve, who learned fluent Chinese in the U.S. Navy.

Please take the time to read my terms of service, which is my  guarantee to my readers and fans. There is also a download link in PDF format at the end.

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Terms of Service

1. I will always tell you the truth, unless someone’s life depends on me lying, for which I will apologize after  the situation is resolved.

2. I will always give you my very best-and that’s a promise!

3. I will give readers my best writing and will always provide good  examples for children and teens to follow-they’re kids and teenagers for crying out loud!

4. I will write realistic books and include age appropriate subject matter that people find interesting.

5. I will always give you a stupendous read and overall book and that is what everyone deserves from me.

6. When my books are available as movies and on TV, I will do my best to make sure that my work still reflects the same high standards as in the print version, as again, these are kids and teens we’re talking about.

7. I promise to see my psychiatrist when I’m supposed to and always take my prescribed medications as directed as to absolutely never become  psychotic with paranoid schizophrenia ever again as my judgment would be greatly and adversely affected. Please forgive me for anything I’ve ever done especially much of my life when I was not doing well with  paranoid schizophrenia-thank you very much in advance and best wishes  and good health to you, your family, and friends.

8. I will always wish you the very best in life as I know I am going to be your friend.

9. I will forever be grateful for you being a fan of my writing-I am extremely honored and thank you very much!

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